(not just another Seinfeld episode)
In speaking with my customers at various trade shows across the United States I have found a misconception about 100% cotton goods and the amount they will shrink. Customers sometimes opt for a 50/50 tee because they donít want the shirt to be too small after it has been washed and put through the dryer. What is not realized are a few things. Almost all of the 100% cotton items sold by Mr. Dís Tees have been pre-shrunk. This means that when you wash and dry the item, the amount of shrinkage will be contained to 3%-5% compared to about 2% shrinkage for a 50/50 item. To help alleviate the difference between the two items, the manufacturers generally make the 100% item a little larger. So when all is said and done or in this case wash and dried, both the 100% cotton and the 50/50 item should end up about the same size, with the shrinkage kept to a minimum. If only it worked out so well for George Costanza!
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