Do The Right Thing
It is not enough to just order a popular product like a t-shirt or sweatshirt anymore. There are choices within these products that can make a difference between a good item and a great item.
When it comes to sweatshirts, if the recipient is under the age of 25, you are best off ordering a hooded pullover sweatshirt or a zippered hooded sweatshirt. This younger generation does not currently wear crewneck sweatshirts. When it comes to sizing in these products, both male and female do not mind wearing them a bit oversized.
T-shirts have a lot of choices. Females generally prefer to have a woman’s cut tee. A men’s tee is generally too wide and long in the body and the sleeves come down to the women’s elbows. These days the lighter weight cotton tee with the softer feel is gaining in popularity. This is generally what you see being sold in retail stores from Abercrombie, Old Navy, Hollister to Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Color is also important. Black is always popular. Bright colors in the summer (especially orange) and earth tones in the winter is what is best for 2012. Tie dye still seems to be strong heading into 2012. Also for females, neon ink colors are very popular.
Tell me what you are using your shirts for and I will be happy to pass along the latest trends and suggestions. I am always here to help you with your needs.
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