Do the right thing!
When possible Mr. Dís Tees would like to encourage our customers to choose our Made in USA products, organic garments and to request water based inks instead of plastisol which is the common ink used by screen printers. Every little change makes a difference, at our print shop we have changed all our light bulbs to LED throughout the entire building. We have expanded the availability of all the above products. We proudly currently carry 217 Made in USA items with more to come. Everything from infant clothing to adult tees, tanks, polos, jackets, hoodies, leggings and shorts, bags, sweatpants and even t-shirts and a hoodies for your furry best friend!
Our water based inks are APEO free and ethyleneglycol free and meet all USA PCB free and Dioxin/Furan trace requirements. They do not intentionally contain the following restricted materials:
  • Heavy Metals: Lead, Chromium VI, Mercury, Nickel, Cadmium
  • Organotins
  • Natural Rubber and Latex
  • Flame Retardants: TRIS, TEPA, or PBB
  • Natural Rubber and Latex
  • DEHP - di(2-ethylhexyl phthalate)
  • Skin Sensitizing Dyes
  • Alkylphenolethoxolates (APEOs)
The more customers who use these inks, the more colors we can carry. We realize these inks and the made in USA shirts are more expensive and might be difficult to fit in your budget, so to make these products more practical for your company Mr. Dís Tees promises to work on a much smaller profit margin. There is no extra need to make more money if our children and our childrenís children have less jobs to choose from and a more polluted planet to live in.
Letís make a difference together one shirt at a time!
Feel free to call 888-343-TEES or email me at with any questions or suggestions you may have on this topic or if there is another topic you would like for me to discuss.
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