Saving money during tough times
The economy stinks, budgets are being cut, unemployment is high. As for buying t-shirts and other sportswear, prices are rising as fast as the price of gas at your local pump. Has this blog depressed you enough already?
Well, there are ways to save money when ordering clothing.
1. Order a lighter weight shirt. Lighter weight tees are actually more popular these days anyway.
2. Limit the number of colors in your design. Using halftones, blending of inks, overlapping inks, and using the shirt as a color in the design are just some of the things you can do. Our artists can help you with all of this.
3. Limit the number of locations you print on. Sometimes what you print on the back can go on the bottom of the front- this saves you a lot of money per item.
4. Can you use white or a heather gray item instead off a colored item? This can save you from $.25-$1.00 per item.
5. I bet you didn`t know it costs more when you print a light color ink on a dark item. Reversing this (light color item with a dark ink) saves 15% of the printing cost.
6. Talk to me when it comes to the quantity you need. Sometimes it can be cheaper to order 72 pieces than 60, or 144 pieces than 120!
7. There are other things that we can do once I know what your needs are, so give me a call. Besides this is suppose to be a blog not a novel.
We’re all in this together. I don`t want you not to order because you can`t afford it. I value the relationship of all my old clients and I welcome my new clients. Getting your company name or camp name seen by the public is a great form of advertising and should be looked at as an investment not an expense. Not to mention people enjoy wearing the product we make and it is seen for years. You can’t say that about almost any other form of advertising. I promise to do whatever we can so you can get a product made, in your budget, on time, and one that we will both be proud of!!
I hope this time next year my blog will be about using clothing and accessories to the fullest extent during booming economic times!
Feel free to call 888-343-TEES or email me at with any questions or suggestions you may have on this topic or if there is another topic you would like for me to discuss.
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