Size Matters
It is very difficult to know what sizes to choose when placing an order where you do not know the exact sizes you will need in advance. Making the incorrect choices will waste a lot of your money. There are a few things to consider when having to make this decision.
Sweatshirts- order big. Almost everyone likes them to be roomy and comfortable. Tees- fitted tees are very popular right now for the under 30 crowd. Females are more apt to wear a smaller size shirt than in the past. Most men will wear a loose fitting tee.
If you have an event such as a race, party, or a company picnic you should always order larger sizes. If a person wears a size medium and you give them a large, they can still wear it- be it to the beach, sleepwear, workout shirt, etc. However if they wear a large and you give them a medium, it may end up at the bottom of their drawer, a rag, tossed or given away. You will have just wasted your money and missed your target market.
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