Old School? New School?
You seem to hear the term old school a lot more these days. Maybe itís just a yearning for when times were simpler. When you didnít have to deal with computers crashing, credit cards getting hacked, or your internet/server failing. However, when it comes to business, there is a distinct line between old school and outdated.
Here at Mr. Dís Tees I have chosen a philosophy to combine the two. We have old school values with new school technology. You always get to talk to me, Kenn Dranoff, the owner versus filling out a form online or speaking to someone on the other side of the world. This gets you personal guidance, my 30+ years of experience enabling you to have the best product at the best price. We get to know our customers by forming relationships with them while utilizing the latest technology in the screen print industry to enhance customer satisfaction levels instead of treating them as just a client with an account number. We are the first in the area to have direct to garment printing, the latest screen making machinery, additional screen printing and embroidery capabilities and a showroom to see, feel and try on items.
Remember back when you heard the word ďApple,Ē the first thing you thought of was a fruit? Maybe itís because Iím middle aged but I like to be in the middle or between the old school while loving the new advances and cool gadgets that seem to be happening so quickly these days. So I think itís time we graduate to a new saying for how we do business here at Mr. Dís Tees-ďNo SchoolĒ Pass it along, itís the new old way to do business!
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