Corona Virus
Hello everyone and I hope you are all well. 2020 is shaping up to be a challenging year. I just wanted to let you know what we are doing here at Mr. D's Tees to meet that challenge and to keep everyone safe and your orders processed on time. If need be, Mr. D's Tees has already implemented double shifts for May and June to do our best to meet the last minute needs of our customers.
As I am sure you are all doing, we are making sure all of our employees are washing their hands throughout the day for at least 20 seconds and have been educated on the necessary proper procedures that the CDC has recommended to be followed. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are located throughout the shop and showroom area. We are constantly cleaning door knobs, floor, phones, keyboards, printing equipment, etc. at a much increased rate with the appropriate cleaners.I personally have joined in our glove and bucket brigade to keep things clean. Part of our office staff is working remotely to assist in a term that did not exist in 2019-"social distancing".
I do have one concern which will be a bit out of my control, that is t-shirt inventory for May and June. Many companies, schools, organizations, etc are putting their orders on hold til early May. My concern is that with all the postponements of races, charity walks, sports games, etc. that when these events get started again there may not be all the shirts you need. The Mills are not producing them at normal capacity now. If you are confident with any needs you may have for the near future, I would suggest you put those orders in soon. Inventory is excellent at this time. We can hold the tees here at our warehouse until you need them so don't worry about any storage issues you may have. At the very least, let's get your artwork finalized now as that will save time once you are ready to commit to your quantity and sizes. If these inventory issues do occur in May and June, please be aware as Mr. D's Tees enters its 40th year in business we have the widest range of suppliers in the industry to help fill these needs.
If there are any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to contact us and I will respond with my usual quickness. Hoping for a quick end to this problem and a healthy and safe summer for all!! It may be a little difficult now but as I always end my emails, have some fun today!