I dont think Roger was inspired by all the different clothing materials that are now on the market when he wrote "Were not gonna take it in 1969". But 50 years later (seriously, its been 50 years?!) it would be very appropriate. As you look through the current Mr. Ds Tees catalog you will see shirts that are moisture wicking, UV protection, stain repellent, recycled polyester, responsible cotton, Peruvian cotton, ring spun cotton, recycled plastic and hemp (perfect for 1969!). The materials that are used today to make your clothes is constantly growing as technology advances. Some of these new additions are much better for our environment so you should be aware and try to purchase when available.
But will you like them? Do they wash well? Do they hold their shape? Are they comfortable? Or as Roger says, you may have a need to See me, feel me, touch me, heal me (spandex in todays shorts and leggings help prevent muscle pulls and aid in muscle soreness recovery). Ask your supplier to send you a sample so you can try these products out. They are very good products but you would probably feel more comfortable if you could see and wear them first. In other words Wear me, Wash me, Dry me, Buy me. Not as lyrical as Roger but Im guessing 50 years from now this suggestion will still just as relevant.
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